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Sep 7

Who is the Christian god? Let me see…

-Creates humans.
-Punishes them for being as he created them.
-Condemns them to lives of suffering.
-Invented sin.
-Doesn’t like sin. Even though he created it and has the power to destroy it.
-Kill millions because he doesn’t like sin, and is apparently too lazy to eradicate it. 
-Allegedly tells one man to gather two of every animal into a giant boat while he kills everyone else.
-Makes laws against doing things that he created humans to be able to do in the first place.
-Demands to be top priority.
-Condemns anyone who doesn’t make him top priority.
-Apparently isn’t cool with homosexuality- something he allegedly created.
-Realizes that people are starting to think for themselves or focus on other, less hateful gods, so he allegedly impregnates a woman with a physical form of himself that also has its own mind.
-Tells himself he is to die for everyone else’s faults, and is perfectly ok with it.
-Follows through with the plan of allowing himself to be killed for sins that he created in the FIRST PLACE, offering the people HE CREATED a chance to atone for their sins by praying to the human form of himself for doing things they WERE CREATED TO DO IN THE FIRST PLACE.
-Allegedly inspires a bunch of hateful, dominionist, rapey men to write horribly conflicting accounts of these events, and pass them from family to family in a huge game of telephone.
-Supposedly is planning some sort of Armageddon against a devil creature THAT HE CREATED IN THE FIRST PLACE in a battle for a world THAT HE SUPPOSEDLY HAS ALL CONTROL AND POWER OVER. 
-Is supposed to be ALL POWERFUL and ALL KNOWING and ANSWERS PRAYERS but people are still afflicted with disease, famine, poverty, mental illness, and sadness. And all that these people truly learn (once they realize that their prayers aren’t actually being answered) is that all of the above suck ass and they’re not getting anywhere unless they do it themselves. 

Oh, and through all of this- women, gays, the handicapped, and many many more people are not equal to straight, bigoted men. Don’t forget about that. 

Know how I know all this? Because I was one of those Jesus-loving, church-going, prayer-saying, homophobic “hate the sin, love the sinner” bullshit, money-giving, SHEEP that blindly followed into what the trendy, hip, and totally relative Abercrombie-wearing pastor and his Mary-Kay touting stepford wife were going on and on and on about. Even though all of the rich folk totally got all the good seats in church, because, you know, my 5$ offering isn’t as much as their $1000 tithe. 

FUCK Christianity. FUCK the lot of it. Wanna do some good? Do some good in the name of GOOD not in the name of some alleged god who gives 0 fucks about the world. 

You don’t go to church for god. You go to church for status. Because if the Christian god is who he is supposed to be, churches wouldn’t matter. Megachurches wouldn’t exist. And neither would chronic illnesses that make every day a challenge for the people afflicted with them. Neither would hunger. Or war. Or hate. Or bigotry. Or sadness. If the ‘all knowing and all powerful’ omniscient being of Yaweh/Jehova/Jesus/God existed, do you REALLY THINK they would allow things to happen like the fucking bullshit in this article? Jesus loves the little children? My ass.

And no, I’m not an atheist (though most would agree with me). I’ll take my 10,000+ year old belief system over something that was thought up 3000 years ago as a way to control the masses any day.

In Which Steve Discusses Robin Williams

(Cross posted from FB)
It really makes me wonder, what were the last things going through his mind before he took his last breath? 

Before you start in, yes, yes, I know people die every day, and few people get as much notice, and blah blah blah. And while (most) deaths are truly sad, the deaths of those we idolized, cared for, looked up to and enjoyed are the ones that will resonate with us, and you cannot blame someone for that. 

When I look at my childhood, a very large part of my comedic/dramatic exposure was due in part to Robin Williams. Catching those episodes of Mork & Mindy on TV started it all, but some of my favorite movies growing up were thanks to him- Hook, Aladdin, Mrs. Doubtfire, Fern Gully, and Jack. And later on in my adolescent and teen years I caught up with Dead Poet’s Society, Good Will Hunting, What Dreams May Come, and Bicentennial Man. And even his supporting roles in the Night at the Museum movies, and that ever-so-creepy, yet phenomenally played stalker in One Hour Photo. I basically grew up with Robin Williams. He provided some of the best laughs of my life. And that’s glorious. 

But what was he thinking of? Surely he knew the profound impact that his serious roles had on people, as well as the countless lives he probably saved through laughter- however indirectly it may have been. How much light he brought to SO MUCH DARKNESS. How could he not be moved by this? Maybe he was, and maybe it wasn’t enough. Maybe the pain inside him was far too great to bear. We will never truly know.

We lost a great actor today. We lost someone that a lot of, if not ALL of us grew up with. What saddens me the most isn’t that he’s gone, but that he’s gone in a way that makes me think that he truly believed he had no other options. 

Robin Williams was a phenomenal person. People that I’ve known that had met him in the past had nothing but good things to say, and he never gave an air of being anything but a professional and a wonderful soul. He touched minds, and he touched hearts. And when you touch someone’s heart, that’s limitless. 

I rarely drink, but tonight I raise a glass to Robin Williams. May you be welcomed into the halls of Valhalla and be memorized in the sands of time. Carry on, sir.

As an addendum and in closing- depression is a truly evil, dark, and scary thing to experience. Some may never know, but those of us who do have glimpsed into the darkest pits of the universe. But know- there is ALWAYS a reason to carry on, and there will ALWAYS be help out there. If you think you are depressed, never be afraid of appearing week- talk to someone, especially those of us who deal with it daily. There is always a way. 

"All my love to you, poppet. You’re going to be all right. Bye-bye." -Mrs. Doubtfire



Pre-History of Online Video 

I’m headed to California to celebrate online video…for those of you who aren’t  able to come home, you get to celebrate it as well. Spend some time with the greatest internet videos ever made. 

The Show with Ze Frank - For a while there it really felt like everyone on the internet was a Sports Racer. This listing of Ze’s videos on YouTube is fantastic because a lot of them don’t have many views so, if you want to, you can go through and experience them from the beginning with a lot of other Nerdfighters. Enjoy.

Homestar Runner - I really believe this is one of the internet’s greatest treasures. You could spend weeks rummaging around in here, and I encourage you to do that. There are not a lot of things that are simply as joyful and peculiar and deeply pleasing in my life as Homestar Runner. Just remember that, back in the day, my entire dorm would run to the nearest computer when we heard a new sbemail was out. 

All Your Base - The thing to remember about All Your Base Are Belong to Us is that it was a self-sustained project that involved the willing collaborations of hundreds of individuals. The promotion of the original meme, the photoshopping, the musicians who created the synthesized voices…people were creating it simply because they loved being a part of its creation. 

The End of the World - I don’t know why this caught on so hard or who the creator was or where they are today, but it is a wonderful thing

If I see Nerdfighters hanging out in comments of “The Show” over the next few weeks, I will definitely cry.

We need to stop what we are doing and pay attention to this for many reasons.

1) Hank needs attention. I love John, and all the great things he’s doing with TFIOS and whatnot, but Hank still exists, and THERE ARE STILL PEOPLE WHO DON’T KNOW THIS.

2) I can’t even begin to explain the feeling of elation that began to swell inside me when he started talking about late 90s/early 2000s video explosions- this was the beginning of my internet delving (around 1999) and it was so awkward and good, and wonderful— you all need to experience it. 

3) He sheds light on a very important series- Homestar Runner. This was the forerunner of 99% of the jokes that people my age swapped in class, prior to like 2006. 

So go. Watch. Enjoy. And reminisce! (For those of you over 20, that is).

Things that I’m not sorry for. Part One.

I’m not sorry that I’m white. More often than not here on Tumblr, I see posts by people who aren’t white and who are members of a group affectionately known as ‘Social Justice Warriors’ (even though SJW is now used as an insult) telling white people to ‘check their privilege’. On top of that, I see a lot of bullying of individual white people* (yes, white people can be bullied! -le gasp-). And for no other reason except that they happen to have been born white. Just as homosexuals don’t choose their sexuality, trans* people don’t choose their gender, NOBODY chooses what their skin color is going to be. Let me be clear- yes, there is a specific sort of elite position that white people (as a generality) are given over those who aren’t white. And at the very same time, I do my best to explain this to people when they are acting superior due to their skin color, and I do what I can to prevent that superiority complex from becoming anything more than one individual opinion. HOWEVER- I didn’t own slaves. i don’t actively (or passively for that matter) work to institutionally/systematically prevent the success or survival of any person. And I treat everyone the same, regardless of gender, skin color, sexuality, religion, etc. By you telling me that my opinion doesn’t matter because I’m white, or that I should die because I happen to be caucasian, you are furthering that hate that exists between white and non-white people. Yes, it does exist; but hate breeds more hate. So no, I’m not sorry that I’m white. And I’m not going to give anyone special recognition, privileges, rights, or accommodation because I’m white and they’re not. I work my ass off just like anyone else, and my being white has nothing to do with it (no, I didn’t get my job because I’m white. I got my job because I was suitable for the job, I was recommended, and I impressed my bosses with my long list of accomplishments that I did on my own with no help of privilege. My family didn’t own slaves- historically, we were broke as fuck. 

So no. I’m not going to apologize for that. 

What I WILL apologize for is the fact that you may be treated like less of a person due to your skin color. I’m sorry that someone out there is shallow and dumb enough to think that you are any less of a person or any less relevant because you aren’t white. I am sorry that your life may be hindered or affected by the fact that there are idiotic, racist people in the world. And I certainly am sorry that it doesn’t seem to be changing much. But no, I will not bow down, back out or fade to darkness because of my skin color. My opinion is just as valid as yours. And you are just as valid as I am. You matter. 

"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character." Martin Luther King, Jr.





I don’t care what kind of blog I have I will blog this no matter what.

"Craving sensation: feeling unreal" was such a huge part of the beginning of my relapse. I was convinced that people in front of me didn’t even exist and I kept touching things and trying to feel sensation. I’m reblogging because I know that that was so horrifying for me and I never want anyone else to go through it. 

Just in case this can help someone. Some suggestions also seem harmful (eating a hot pepper really hurts!!!) but steps to feeling better and not self harming is most important. Sending you love and light

STOP SCROLLING! Please reblog this vitally important information because at least one of your followers is self-harming. Thank you!

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every time i see this i laugh so hard i’m in physical pain


I don’t even.

May 7

Can we talk about John Green’s career for a second?

John Green is by no means a mundane person- one of two Vlogbrothers, he’s a co-founding member of the largest world-suck-reducing movement (aka Nerdfighteria) in existence, he’s incredibly intelligent, makes really awesome back-and-forth videos with his equally intelligent brother Hank REGULARLY, and writes books. Lots of them. Very well.

But do you guys know what is happening right now? John’s book ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ (which is one of the most beautiful pieces of literature I’ve ever read) is being made into a MOTION PICTURE. A movie. A film. A script that is acted out and recorded, edited, produced, advertised and shown in theaters. Not only is one of his most well known works being turned into a movie, this movie is produced by a rather well-known company. And features some rather well-known actors/actresses. And is going to be good

Do you guys know what this means? Do you guys, who like me, have been following John (and Hank) for years, have an inkling of what this means?

John Green’s career is growing up. And is BLOWING UP at the same. emeffing. time. John Green is going to be completely famous. (Like, not just in Nerdfighteria). 

It’s one thing to write books. Lots of people do it. It’s another to write good books- less people do it than those who just write books. It’s a whole different world when that piece of literary art is made into a movie, in Hollywood, with well-known people playing the roles. 

He started on Youtube. He wrote some books. He gathered fans. And BOOM.

This is a pretty big fucking deal guys. I think he deserves some mad props for this.

Thank you, John. I’ll see you on June 6th.